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Saab help

My son has a 98 Saab sedan which occasionally refuses to start. AT ALL. Several mechanics have looked at it to no avail. After not starting, and sounding like it gets no fuel, it will start after resting a day or two, and run with no problems for some time, until it takes another, usually very inconvenient, rest. Any ideas?

I’ve found my 2001 Saab 9-3 is proving to be the most challenging car I’ve worked on in my 32 years under the hood. (I’m fighting a Mass Air Flow check engine light right now.)

Starter turns over fine? Any hint of attempting to start? Any hesitation or dying while driving? Any other troubleshooting or work done? (check fuel pressure, fuel filter, ignition wiring, plugs fouled, battery posts cleaned, air filter decent, run some fuel treatment through it, etc…?)

Does the non-start happen after short or long off periods? Any correlation there?

The next time it refuses to start, try a different key if you have one. Sometimes the “anti-theft” immobilizer systems are the problem.