Saab Story

My Saab refuses to start intermittently…no clicks or sounds, just silence…It may go months without this happening? Usually starts after several times or minutes of leaving it. Always starts cold! This has only happened when I’ve been driving for a 5-10min.and then turn it off. My mechanic cannot figure it out, not the battery, starter, alternator, terminals? Can anyone help??

It could be the starter is over-heating. I had a GM pickup that did this. The exhaust manifold was right next to it. If I did 10-15 minutes of city driving…had to wait for the starter to cool down before I could start it. Highway driving kept enough air flow to prevent this.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll mention it to my mechanic. The only problem is…one a couple of occasions it took a very long time to start, hours…so it had time to cool and still didn’t start?? It’s very difficult to figure out what’s happening. I keep hoping it just won’t start one day so I could have someone figure it out…Thanks again

Ignition switch maybe.
Find the thin wire to the starter solenoid. Have a helper turn the key while someone measures the voltage to that line.