Saab starting problems

Why does my 03 Saab 9-3 Convertible only start when it wants to?

New at this. Here’s more detail on my dilemma…

My mechanic says his computer tells him that there is a disconnect between the key fob chip and the car’s “software.”

The dealer has replaced ($700) the “digital injector” described as the digital version of the analog coil, after which no problems for two whole days, and then (after keeping the car three weeks)the ignition switch ($150, because they did “eat” the 4 hours of labor this allegedly took), and still:

Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn’t, at least not for a while, which sometimes is 10 seconds, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 60-90 minutes, but it always eventually starts. I do not garage the car, and it ALWAYS starts the first thing in the morning, or if it has sat for MORE than an hour, but if it has been driven, and then sits for 60 -90 minutes only, it usually balks.

I am becoming a very patient person, and catching up on a lot of recreational reading, but people are starting to talk about me.

One question, when you say it won’t start, what do you mean, it does not crank or it just cranks and does not start?

It does not crank–all the electrical goes on, but no clicking, groaning, nothing. When it is ready, it cranks and catches immediately.

It is a possiblity that the starter is going. I understand that when the car is cold it will start but if you turn it off and come back to it in tem minutes it won’t. Maybe 60 to 90 minutes later it will, it has cooled down.

This is a shot in the dark but maybe something is screwy with the anti-theft system?

I had the starter replaced before the other repairs I mentioned in the first post–checked my records–had forgotten about that–it was done by my mechanic last September.

Don’t know much about the electrical on the SAAB, but I do know that some cars also use a relay in the starter circuit, and least some of the Japanese cars, but yours is a half a world away from there. There might be something in between the starter and the switch. What I am trying to get at is maybe the Bendix assembly or at least the solenoid side of the Bendix is remotely placed under the hood and not attached to the starter.

If you are mechanically inclined, when the happens you could try to short the starter with a screwdriver to see if it will kick in. If it does, that would isolate it from the rest of the system. Just an old trick that I remembered.

Because it is a Saab! Saab is no better then GM at this point in time. Get rid of the Saab before it nickles and dimes you to death.

I will try this. A friend, who happens to literally be a “rocket scientist” suggested the same thing.

I have tried to isolate this by remembering to use the key to lock and unlock the car, that is, without using the transmitter. I have not yet been consistent enuf to be sure if this is involved or not–old habits die hard, and I forget and push the button. And it did not come with a “valet” key.

But wouldnt this type of radio or computer type problem show up on the computer diagnostics?

ANy luck on this yet? I am having same issue with my 2001 9-3.