Saab Combi wagon problems

Does anyone else have a new Saab Combi who is annoyed by the fact that the blower goes on at full blast every time the car is started? Is this normal or is it just my car? I’ve had it for 7 months and the dealership is so far away I’ve not been able to take it back and check. And it’s one of those things that only bothers me when I start the car and then I forget about it until the next time! When I’m home and could call the dealership, I never think of it. Anyone else experience this? Otherwise, the car is fabulous…

if you leave the blower on yes it will turn on depending what you have the climate control set at on both sides of the car.If you dont want it to turn on just turn off your blower.

The ‘problem’ is the car defaults to auto climate control mode upon start-up. All you have to do is press one of the climate buttons (fan speed down or the one of the diverter buttons) and it will immediately switch to manual control. This bothered me too when my car was new but now my hand just reflexively goes to one of these buttons within a few seconds on turning the key. If you do call the dealer and find out how to change the default, please post the procedure. Thanks.