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Blower motor blows hi when the engine starts and is coolant is cold when selected in auto

I can not leave the blower motor selector in the auto position when I start my car. If I do I get full blower motor of cold air. I have to leave the fan in the slowest fan position or not even select any warm air until the engine warms up. Even then, I’ll get full force air when turn on the heat in auto. I again have to keep the selector in a low fan setting. Basically, the auto function of head and cold is totally useless.

Did you have a question? Do you know what kind of car you own because we don’t. You didn’t tell us.

Also explain the problem a little better. It looks like the car is just doing what it is supposed to. If it’s cold out and you start the car, the heater will blow cold until the coolant gets warm enough to heat the air. My car does this. I set it to automatic and it blows cold air at a low fan level for up to five minutes, then turns the fan up and blows warm air.