2001 Saab 9-5 wagon blowing hot and cold at the same time

Hello my new friends,
I’m having trouble with my saab wagon blowing hot and cold at the same time. It generally occurs when the outside temp is within 10 degrees of the temp setting on the car. Now during the summer the drivers side will blow cold and the passenger side hot. I’m thinking it may be the solar sensor on the dash.
Any ideas would be much appreciated as driving in this condition is not only uncomfortable but also highly embarrasing when I have a passenger.

Do you have a dual zone automatic climate control system?

It is also possible that your refrigerant charge is low

When it is blowing hot and cold at the same time, what are you trying to do?

Get cold air?

Get hot air?

Thanks for the response db4690,
I do have automatic climate control. The refrigerant was charged last Nov. and blows plenty cold when operating as it should. It only blows hot and cold when the ambiant temp is close to the setting of the climate control. I keep the setting at 70 degrees, have tried adjusting the setting at different temps to no avail. The climate control comes on when the car is started, which is the default. Even when the climate controll is turned off, it still vents hot and cold air on the two sides.

Have not had a problem with my 9-5 wagon, and I’m not sure this is even pertinent with climate control. But, with my older SAABs, the heater control valve would malfunction and need to be replaced. Suspect if the passenger side is the side that misbehaves (you don’t say if the driver’s side also acts up), that side is allowing hot water from the cooling system to circulate through while hunting for the proper controlled temp. Doubt it’s the sun sensor on the dash as that would affect both sides of the cabin.

I have the same problem but it’s only when the car is moving. In the summer with AC on it blows hot on my feet and winter with heat on it blows cold on my feet. Really annoying. I assume it’s a vent that isn’t working properly. Any ideas?

Thanks for the feedback. The passenger side and rear vents will blow hot at the same time. As I recall, in the winter, I can get cold on both sides, but again it’s only when the ambient temp is not way far off the climate controll setting.

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I had a similar issue on my 2000 Saab 95 Wagon
In hot weather, the passenger would get cold A/C while the driver received blasts of hot air. The culprit was a broken lever inside that wasn’t redirecting the airflow. I had a local Saab shop do the work, here is what the order says

"Removed driver’s side panel and replaced the driver’s side temp. control shaft and lever"
New Lever - Aluminum $42
Insert New Sleeve $25
Labor $280!!

Hope that helps. Cheers!