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Saab 93 2003

my gas pedal is hard to push, between 0 to 12mph after that goes to normal… (i think is the limp home mode) is there a way to rest it. i have took the battery out did not solve nothing…

That doesn’t sound like limp mode to me…

There’s still a mechanical connection from the pedal to the sensor. Sounds like that mechanical part may be binding…

do have the out-of-the-blue stalling problem?

how do I start a new topic?

jb, look at the right-hand side of the screen under the cartoony-looking Car Talk Community logo, and click on the rectangular red “Ask a Question” button.

@cdaquila - the “Recent Discussions” link at the top of the page now takes me to the “Topic Index”. Luckily, the “Recent Discussions” link under “Topics” on the right side of the page still works.

Hi - thank you for letting me know. I just saw the other comment made by another user, and I passed it on for a fix. I stickied the discussion so people can see it.

This could be a sign of a dirty throttle body as well. Have you cleaned out the throttle body recently?