2005 Saab 9-3 - Stops at 30

Car won’t go pass 30 miles per
Even when the pedal all the way floored.

The check engine light is on, right? How long has it been on before this problem occurred?

The car has an error, that’s why the check engine light is on. It is also why you can’t go over 30 mph. It is in “limp home” mode. The car reduces power so it doesn’t destroy itself but there is enough to get you home. It needs service right away.

If you keep driving it like this, you might as well drive it to the junkyard.

Have it towed to your local independent auto shop. Call first as many shops will no longer service Saabs.

You can search here for those that do service Saabs.

and here;

A little late to the party:

Your problem could be simple like the plugs need to be replaced and are causing severe misfire. Could be a problem with a throttle position sensor or even a clogged fuel filter. Plenty of places still work on saabs and scan tools still pick up codes. Should be pretty easy to read the codes and go from there

Agreed; a bit late to the dance but…
If the engine revs are high then it’s likely slippage in the drive train.
If the engine revs bog down then it’s likely a clogged converter.

I’ve had issues with partially clogged converters on both of the SAABs I owned so it does become a likely suspect and it’s easily checked with a vacuum gauge.