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Saab 2001

I purchased this car new, and have had no problems with it. About 1 month ago, I went to start it and it just wouldn’t turn over. It was definitely getting power, so the battery wasn’t dead. I left it out for about an hour and it started right up. Didn’t think too much about it, but then it started happening again. It seems to be worse when I take a quick trip and try to restart it after only resting for 30 minutes or so. In all cases it starts after about one hour. I took it to a repair place, and of course it would not happen to them…even though I left it there for a week and told them to drive it as much as necessary. I love this car, and it has always been reliable…but I don’t trust it now. It has happened in total about 6 times. The repairman said he couldn’t figure anything out since he hadn’t had it happen to him. It is a 5 speed. Any ideas what could be wrong?? A friend said it might be the key, but it happens so infrequently…that doesn’t seem likely to me.

There are a number of things that it could be and if the battery is the original that should be the first suspect.

After that, the possibilities include dirty/corroded battery cable ends, dirty/corroded junction terminal connection, or the following if you have a no-start condition with no noise involved (no solenoid click, etc.)
Faulty ignition switch
Faulty clutch safety switch
Security system glitch

Any of those things I mentioned can be intermittent in nature.

Several of these circuits that ok4450 speaks of will show higher than should-be ohm resistance. The circuits can be tested at any time…not, just at failure time.

Hello there, I bought a used 2001 9-3 automatic a few months ago and your problem seems to be identical too mine,but mine got worse with warm weather, down to leaving the car with the mechanic for a week. I am going crazy and love this car when it starts! Have you solved your problem yet? We have tried Ingnition switch, starter and abs module ( also had a ABs mdoluel failure at same time, thought they were connected at first. Let me know if you have solved this.

We are having the same problem and are practically going broke over this, just had the crank sensor switched and all the recalled items replaced at the dealer, still won’t start reliably.

If some of the complaints about the no-start condition on these SAABs were detailed perhaps some of us could be of help.

No start means?
No noise at all?
Engine cranks over by starter motor but won’t run?
Coughs or sputters?
Click sound only, no starter motor operation?
Automatic or manual transmission?
Dashboard warning lights operative? (oil, alternator, etc.)

no start means?..the car won’t start
no noise? makes a normal cranking sound like it always does when it starts successfully, however, it doesn’t engage the engine so that you can drive it
Engine cranks over by starter motor but won’t run?..I’m not sure what you are asking, yes, I think the engine is cranking but the motor won’t run
Coughs or sputters?
Click sound only, no starter motor operation?, I have a normal cranking sound, just doesn’t start
Automatic or manual transmission?..mine is manual
Dashboard warning lights operative? (oil, alternator, etc)…yes

The dealer thinks it might be the crank shaft position sensor. They are replacing that today. I’ll let you know if it works.