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S10 Chevy by next march I'm going to buy one

What is a Goodyear for the S10 I had a 1998 I had to switch to a 2006 Ford Ranger but I plan on getting a better S10 any suggestions from you guys would be helpful

OK, here we go again. You can call any year of production good or bad. The last S10 or Sonoma was sold in the U.S. in 2004 I think. That is 13 years ago. All you can do is find one and have a trusted mechanic look at it and give it a passing grade. Frankly, any S10’s I have seen lately worth having were also priced at the high end of the scale.

I don’t think they changed much on them besides the injection set up.You got the pre 1995 boxy style or the later style. I would get a 6 cylinder. There might be pros and cons between the multi injection or the TBI engines. I was looking to buy one a couple years ago, the ones with low mileage in good condition weren’t cheap.

I was to go after from 80s to 1993

What on Earth for? They are not collector vehicles and parts are going to be scarce. Not to mention that rust might be a major problem.

I don’t think getting parts is much of an issue even for 1980s S-10s.

For under $10,000 you will find several, at least around here. There’s a 1993 at one of the local dealers that looks like a decent truck for local errands, keep in mind you can find much newer ones and with fairly low mileage for $9,000 or less. Really depends on what’s available in your area for what you can afford to spend.

I was told I should get a vehicle from the 1980s which is a Chevy S10 to 1993

Why were you told that? If it was the answer to a question what was the question?

Was told it’s low maintenance and the cost of gas would be very low

Mr. Kesler, you are not making any sense. Low maintenance of a very old vehicle is not going to happen. You said you had a S10 so you should know the gas mileage was not that great. I know my 1998 Sonoma was not all that fuel efficient.

I was told that it would be low maintenance to maintain and it also would be very low maintenance on gas price that’s what someone told me I’m just trying to figure out the best S10 to get

No car that’s 30 years old will be low maintenance. A later model with low mileage will be less maintenance than the 30 year old one. Things break and leak from age. The gas mileage on these is decent but it’s not great. My S10 gets 16 city/23 highway. Mine’s a base model standard cab. The extended cabs and off road models get less.

the few 80’s Chevy S10 trucks i’m finding in the greater seattle area on the market have between 250,000 and 300,000 miles. A slightly newer truck with less miles might just be better.

I own a 1989 S-10 Blazer and although it runs great fuel mileage leaves a great deal to be desired and the engine is quite gutless. It’s a 2.8L with a 700R4 OD transmission and keeping up with 70+ mph highway traffic 18 mpg is normal. In town driving drops to about 14 mpg. At 55 mph on the Parkway 21 mpg is possible. A later model with the 4.3L engine gets better mileage according to some friends. But the early 90s models are quite reliable and relatively easy to service with parts available at all the McParts stores.

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to find one if mine goes belly up I wouldn’t rule out buying another.

Just the information I was give so I need help understanding what year I should get 90s or early 2000s?

I test drove an s10 in 2003, it felt under powered, I do not recall what engine, I got a Ranger instead.

If I were determined to get a truck from the 80’s, it would be a Toyota, Mitsubishi, or Nissan. Actually I already have the Mitsubishi. :wink:

I fail to understand why you’d get an older version of a very similar newer truck.

As for which year, 90s or 2000s, those are both old. The newest you could get is 14 years old. At that age, individual vehicle condition means a lot more than when it was built. I’d get whichever year I could find in the best condition I could find it.

I cant get new new I’m not a high income earner

Were you not happy with the 2006 Ranger? Those with the Mazda 4 cylinder were very reliable and relatively economical.