my friend has an 87 s10 and he is so stupid! he keeps telling me that it is a 305 but he bored it to a 350! thats not even possible! and he keeps saying he wants to put hydraulics in it! and chop it down! i cannot stand people that think theyre cool like this! anyone else have stories like this?


I had one about whether or not a Barracuda could beat a Mustang in a drag race. Then I tried to get out of it and one of the guys got really mad at me for changing the story. Then there are the people who want to buy a Saab, Volvo or Audi. When you have a hard time getting something simple fixed and then pay for the repairs, I wouldn’t want to think of having the struts changed on an Audi. It just sounds expensive to me. These guys usually hate Camrys too. I could talk about really hard working people who complain about having nothing to show for the work and complaining about the price of gasoline and then getting a lift kit for their 85 4WD with a 454 in it.