2015 Audi A3 - Trouble starting

S3, no option to pick S3 on pull-down menu.

I am approaching 56,000 miles. Mechanic pressure washes off coolant leak at my 55,000 oil change; says it is not major at this point–to keep an eye on it.
I’m thinking of unloading this car within 10-20K more miles, even though it still accelerates phenomenally(APR 2). I think I’m entering that time where something big can fail. Thoughts?

Sounds like a wise decision to me.

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56,000 miles is barely broken-in as far as I am concerned. People like you allow people like me to buy really nice, low mile cars for half what they cost new!

Look at the economics. Are you willing to spend $30,000 for a new car to avoid a $1500 repair?

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Our BMW started to have major problems at year four as well. Pricey stuff all of a sudden. We ditched it and have had a good experience with the replacement. I think there is a reason for the lease model these cars have adopted. If you do opt to ditch it, I see a Tesla Model 3 in your future. Just a wild guess.

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It absolutely comes down to economics.

I’m hoping $1500 is on the high end of that coolant system leak repair.

Hahahaha. I do like to drive and the feel of leaving a Maserati in rear view.

So yes, a Tesla is intriguing but that battery wear issue does bug me. I also believe oil execs when they say they have a trillion barrel surplus(real exhaust notes).

Ok, a $3000 repair is still far cheaper than $30k for a new car. About 5 lease payments I’d say!

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You’d probably think that my wife’s car that I traded in at 3 years of age and 15,000 miles was a good buy. I can assure you it was not. Every one of those miles was accumulated in short trip stop and go driving, accompanied by Innumerable curb strikes and pothole hits.i don’t know that there’s any way to find any of this out with a pre-purchase inspection.

I don’t buy a ton of cars. We tend to keep them a long time. Those I have bought off lease at 45% discounts have served me very well. Not a lemon in the bunch.

Manufacturers test for potholes, curb strikes and cobblestones. Lots of them many times. If I drive it and it goes straight on and off power, doesn’t feel junky or loose, that is good. I look under the car for floor, rocker panel, exhaust hits, scrapes and similar.

If your wife’s car was curbed hard enough, it would be misaligned or at least show evidence on the wheels and I would reject it.

Edit: It is hard to do a ton of irreversible damage in 3 years short tripping or even using extended oil changes.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea. A friend recently bought a Volvo hybrid. He looked at every hybrid and electric car available. I asked about the Model 3, and he said he would never buy a Tesla. His thorough investigation showed that Tesla buyers sometimes got the wrong color or options they ordered were missing. Tesla’s solution was to tell them to get lost. My friend is a thorough, thoughtful car buyer. He does not believe rumors, and checks out stories like the ones he read and heard to make sure they are not just troll bait. He found no similar complaints from any other hybrid or electric he looked at. There is no excuse for making mistakes on an automobile order, and if it’s wrong, Tesla should provide the correct car ASAP. I don’t want to deal with a car company that treats their customers poorly, either.

So is the problem you are trying to solve

  • It has trouble starting?
  • It has a coolant leak?
  • Whether you should sell it or not?

it has minor coolant leak that both 034Motorsport in Fremont and DUB Clinic have both told me to just monitor and clean periodically. Temperature gauge never goes above 220^o. Technicians say the cleanup is very small.

It is because of this and it’s current mileage 56K, that I’m considering unloading it. KBB is 19-20K. It would be very hard to let go as it great in every which way. I am not experienced with chip modified turbo’s and with this being a 4 cylinder, I’m trying to be cautious.

What exactly is leaking?

$20K would be a pretty good deal for you imo.

Buying cars for $50,000 and selling them for $20,000 doesn’t sound like a good deal to me, like to get 10 years of use out of my cars.

100% agree. I bought it 2 years ago at 30K mileage, for just under 30K. But similar ratio.