My 1997 S10 wont!



ok this is whats up. i have a 1997 S10. its my only vehicle. 3 months ago i had the starter and the ignition switch replaced because the truck wouldnt start an there were a bunch of things going wrong with the gauges. after all that was done my truck ran and started fine for 3 months. then last night i went out to the truck after driving my truck all day that day and for 3 problem free months and it wouldnt start. it turns over and the gauges read fine, the headlights did dim when i was trying to start it, its just not getting any fire. it is overdue for an oil change and the oil pressure gauge was showing a bit higher than normal when it was running and would then drop to normal after i drove it for a while. but now it wont start at all. when i turn the key and try to start it the oil pressure gauge reads 0 but when i hit the gas it goes up to the halfway point. im goin crazy guys and its the only vehicle between my wife and i. we need help!! thanks!


What about the timing belt or gear. Not sure what the S10 has but my straight 6 camaro did exactly what yours is doing. The replaced a wire to the distrubutor also. Atwo weeks later I had a problem it broke down on the pkwy towed in and it was the timing gear


Does it try to start? Does the starter motor run but the engine never catches? Or does it click and do nothing? I can’t tell from your note.