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New car part 2

OK, thanks for the helpful comments on my previous post. I have some more cars for you guys to rip up.

Been looking at 2008 Saab 9-3s and 2004/5 Audi A6s.

currently my 1999 Jetta is a tank and still going strong, so I am not afraid of Audi but were there any major mechanical (Epensive) issues? Saab seems solid. No negative reviews so far that I have beeen able to find on either vehicle.

Both vehicles are actually nice…it is just when they start needing service. These are two very expensive vehicles to maintain. I dont know if they have inherent issues for either…and you can find that out by looking for recalls or repair info on the net for each. But not knowing those statistics…I DO know that they are expensive to repair if you arent repairing them yourself When the time comes for a repair that is…

If you can afford the maintenance costs on these vehicles and you like them, go for it. It’s you money.

I find it hard to believe you’ve found no negative reviews on either car. You must be visiting enthusiast sites.

You can check out reliability on MSN Autos. The 2004 has no significantproblems. The 2005 is the next generation and has a periodic problem with the wiper motor. The repair estimate is less than $600.

Those years were OK (‘average’ reliability) on Consumer Reports, but you only go a year or two either way to find some poorer years. Any thought given to an Acura or an Infiniti?