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Rusty Wranglers

I like the style of Jeep Wranglers but have heard they are known to rust out excessively. Yes, I’ve seen several of them with very noticeable body rust, yet I’m wondering if this is indeed a chronic condition, and why does this happen with them being a kind of high priced vehicle?

They get rode hard and put away wet.

Price of vehicle is driven by market and what people are willing to pay.

Beyond the style of a Wrangler there is very little to like about the vehicle except it is convertible and beyond capable off road. Otherwise it is misery on wheels and in the shop.

It is common for a Wrangler to be rusted through within 15 years, and as others have said, they are priced high because people are willing to pay more for them. They are a novelty vehicle and not very practical as a daily driver, especially if you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter. When you buy a Wrangler, you pay for the style and the off-road capability, not corrosion resistance. In fact, I can’t think of a modern vehicle that is less corrosion resistant than a Wrangler.