Worth fixing 1995 Nissan Pickup rust?

I have a 1995 Nissan XE pickup truck with 150,000 miles that the frame under the passenger seat has rusted out. I still enjoy driving the 5-speed when we take it out on weekend runs. Overall the the truck is in good condition with just a little body rust and it still runs good. Is the frame rusting out worth fixing or would that cost more than the truck is worth? Thanks, Bob

23 year old truck with the frame rusting out and 150,000 miles. Hmm, No, not worth it.

If you don’t like my answer, take it to a body shop or a custom car shop and let them take a look at the frame and estimate what they’d charge to fix it properly. Expect way more rust damage than you ever imagined - that’s how rust works. Rust never sleeps.

Only you can determine if it is worth it to you to have it fixed.

Depends on the condition of the frame. Any pics? Por15 can be used to stop rust.

I agree with Mustangman.

Take it to a shop with body work skills.
Ideally they’d be able to arc weld in a heavy steel brace that spans the rusted area. I’ve seen this done successfully often, but only after a skilled assessment on if it’s doable.

Agree. A qualified body man can tell you if the rust is not too bad and isolated or time to have it towed because it’s extensive throughout.

Unless as a hobby vehicle and if you do the work yourself with Bondo and wire screen, forget it. Body work is very expensive if done by others.

Bondo will not work on frame rust damage.

Sure it will!

… Briefly…

My brother had the same problem with a. 1971 Datsun (now Nissan) pickup. He temporarily bridged the rusted section of frame with a 4x4 and two C clamps. This is not a recommended repair. His permanent repair was to buy another Datsun pickup with a blown engine and swap the engine from his rusted truck. When the replacement truck suffered the frame rust problem, he took it to a body shop. They said that the repair wasn’t feaible and recommended he buy another truck, which he did.