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Rusted, sheared off bolt

One of the bolts that holds on the license plate on my son’t car is rusted and sheared off. I tried soaking it with a liquid wrench type product and grasping what little is left with needle nose pliers, but it didn’t work. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Year, make, and model please.

If it has a bracket, can you get behind the bracket, cut the backside off, and rebore the hole?

If not, bore a small pilot hold in the center of the bolt and redrill it to the needed size. Retrofit with expandable self-securiing nutplates, clip on nutplates, or whatever is appropriate. 20 minutes browsing the parts store or even the hardware store will make a solution obvious.

While there you could also pick up some nylon screws to replace the rusted/removed ones, or even stainless steel it you’d prefer.

vice grips? In the big scheme of life, there are many people who wish they only had your problem. The bolt might be in a plastic insert, so the whole thing might just pop out after giving a hard whack with a hammer and punch. If it is actually metal bolt to metal mount, just keep working it with penetrating oil and vice grips, something will give eventually. Worse case, drill it out.

Sometimes you can drill the middle out with slightly larger drill bits, and you reach a point that the thread shells remaining come out easily, preserving the metal threads. If not the mountainbike solution minimizes time spent on this.

Sorry. 1993 Honda Civic (with only 50,000 miles!)I’ll try your suggestions in the morning.

1993 Civic with only 50K miles? Wow!

Has the timing belt been replaced?