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Needing a bolt

anybody know where i can find the heat sheild gas plate bolt for a pontiac vibe2005? dealer here says i need to buy the whole plate kit($70).brother who is going to fix it says he only needs the the plastic with the’s a picture of it.


The bolt you can replace from any hardware store. You need only bring the original to the store to gage it and find out the size & thread.

The plastic part…well, is THAT actually why you need the whole kit?

yea my brother says i need that plastic part.i been looking online for days.i also checked out a few junk yards.nobody has the vibe or matrix.

Have you slowly scanned the shelves of the local bigbox hardware store for a similar part that will do the job? You’d be amazed at how many ttimes over the years I’ve found what I’ve needed by keeping an open mind. I go up and down every isle slowly, broken part in hand, no matter the subject matter that the sile carries. I’ve found thing sin plumbing for mechanical applications, things in hardware for automotive applications, etc. etc. Sometimes the thing I find does the job better than the oriiginal.

Agree with mountainbike. Years ago I used to repair VCR’s and found that most of the rubber drive belts failed after a year or so. They were also expensive. I found neoprene “o” rings at my local hardware store for a few cents. I don’t think they ever failed and did a much better job.

I also agree with mountainbike. A year ago, the air bleed screw vibrated out of the gasoline cap on my rototiller. No universal gas cap would fit. I went to a mower and small engine shop. They didn’t have the air bleed screw and a new gasoline cap was almosg $30. I then went to a hardware store and paid a nickel for a bolt that fit the threads for the air bleed screw. I then drilled a hole in the cap for the air vent.

@missleman - or you could do what I did for my VCR when the drive belt stretched too much to be useful - replace it with a rubber band.

Yeah, it was a hack, but I only needed it to last through playing a few more tapes to transfer them to DVD. Worked like a charm, and it still works years later. :slight_smile: Cost me less than a neoprene o ring. :slight_smile: