Rusted nuts solution

I have been a pbblaster guy and happy. on a different site people say kroil or free is better. Your thoughts?

I have PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench and WD40 in my garage. My goto for the bad stuff is PB Blaster.

For really bad stuff, I use the Blue Tip wrench… can’t be stuck if its liquid!


I use pb at this point with air tools or angle grinder. If that doesn’t work, I let a shop do it.

Have used most of them over the years. I was using Kroil when a buddy introduced me to B’Laster PB more than 25 years ago. Never looked back, no comparison IMO. A couple years ago, I needed PB and couldn’t find it so I tried Deep Creep from Seafoam and that seemed pretty good as well.

The fire wrench tops all :grinning:


I choose from among my own home-brew formula, blaster, or liquid wrench. They all work pretty good. blaster is faster, but home-brew is better if there’s time for a 24 hour soak, LW, somewhere in-between, but it works pretty good too. In fact if I only had one of them, I’d choose LW.

Just for completeness, I’ll add that for some rusted threaded parts, none of those is strong enough to do the trick.

Agree as long as you :grinning:make sure the tip is good and sharp.

Ive found kroil to possibly work slighty more quickly than PB, but Kroil smells much worse.

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The first shop I worked in used Zep 45. I’ve tried others but Zep is my favorite hands down.

This is kinda interesting:

Deep Creep. Doesn’t stink like PB and in my experience works just as well.

A slight digression, 1958, 2nd grade, teacher was telling us why we should not drink Coke, claimed farmers to use Coke to remove rust from bolts!

Don’t know about rust but it works good to clean battery treminals.

Most strong acids cause more rust formation, but Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid, which is an exception to the rule, an acid that removes rust.

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Phosphoric acid typically leaves a phosphate coating on the surface after it dissolves the rust. That is the rust preventative.

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Not to mention the sugar in the Coke.

what do you guys think of those inductive heaters, where an open flame isn’t a good option?

I used one for the first time several weeks ago . . . I’ll have to use it several more times before I’m able to form a decent opinion, though

It’s certainly not the end of all your problems, but it is a good option. I’m happy with it, but that doesn’t mean it’s effective 100% of the time. Maybe 75%.

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