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Liquid Wrench or PB Blast?

I almost started a fight asking 2 mechanics which is best to use. So, I thought I’d do the same here. lol No, seriously. Is there any difference between the two?

Their both good penetrating oils.

They are NOT very good lubricants. They are designed to free up rusted or stuck bolts.

Flip a coin. Or just buy whichever one happens to be on sale.

Does WD40 belong in this discussion?

Regular WD40 is a water-displacer (WD) with surface corrosion inhibiters. It’s not really a penetrating oil as the others are.

But WD40 now has a “penetrant” formulation in a different can to compete with PB Blaster, etc.

I use Seafoam Deep Creep.

What I like about Deep Creep is that it has a higher flash point than other penetrants. So it doesn’t burn off as quickly when heat is applied.


Jesmed has brought up a good point. The important thing is to be sure that what you buy is a penetrating lubricant. These companies all make fluid for other applications beyond what they’re known for, and it’s easy to get the wrong fluid for the job if you only pay attention to the brand name on the label.

I have no preference as to which brand of penetrating lubricant is better.

For me its PB. I used Liq W for years but it never seemed to work very well. Still got some but never use it anymore compared to PB.

Local big box had generic wd-40 stuff on sale. 12oz spray was $1. Normally $2. They also had qt bottles for $1. 1 qt of any oily stuff for $1 is cheap.

Liquid Wrench isn’t even in the same league as B’Laster PB IMO.

Next time I need one I’ll try PB, just because I have never had much luck when using LW.

I like Liquid Wrench and will use it if it’s handy. I always buy PB Blaster though because it seems to work better for me…

I seem to recall (at this site?) a person swearing by first heating a rusty nut or bolt, then “sweating” a Crayola crayon into it as if it were solder. Said it worked great in “heroic measures” cases.////Anyone else remember that?

I have not tried deep creep, but been so impressed with pb blaster I do not need to. I thought pb blaster failed me for some locked up dock post bolts, ended up the threads were stripped! I have no significant stories for LW, but do for PB! and Deep creep should be worth a try for me.

IMOO the only thing WD40 does well is separate money from a billfold.

It gums up and makes everything stick.

When loosening rusted nuts WD-40 is better than nothing. But just barely.My favorite product is no longer available and I use PB Blaster. It does seeem to be better than its competition. I have had some success with heating a threaded joint and pressing a candle on it while twisting but that was a last resort. I guess that crayons are parrafin based and similar to candles.

I vote for PB blaster as well. It was the only thing that worked on some rusted exhaust bolts that I took off my VW Scirocco many moons ago. I still have what’s left of the can on my shelf.

If you don’t have PB BLAST then you can do what the world renowned scientist Moe Howard does.

“I think we’ll have to blast, get the dynamite.”

meaneye, I don’t remember the wax thing here but do recall seeing it on a youtube for getting the blade spindle off a lawn mower. I agree though if PB doesn’t work get the angle grinder out.

I’ve tried quite a few different rust busting fluids and each has a particular situation where it works best. Overall I prefer PB Blaster, but even WD40 has a place. I can easily believe that people have different experiences with all the different types and I would caution people from drawing broad conclusions.