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Kroil and best place to buy

I know many people have said Kroil penetrating oil works wonderfull compared to others such as PB blaster.

It is pretty pricy.

Can anyone advise on a good place to buy or know of an active coupon code?

I don’t think there are many places that handle their products. You can order directly from them or contact them for a supplier near you.

That^ is where i get it from. Get a couple of guys to go in with you and you may get a qty discount.

There are 38 listings on eBay, starting at $11. 16 oz spray cans, $15

PB Blaster is the best. I have used Kroil but it’s not nearly as effective. I use PB Blaster when removing old ball joints. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and a tap or two with the small hammer will release them.

I stopped using Kroil 15 years ago when a friend introduced me to B’Laster PB. Never looked back and it’s a heck of a lot easier to get.

The comments about PB Blaster are interesting. I have never used it but I have used Kroil and thought it was an excellent product. If the blaster is even better that would be something.

No, I don’t think PB is better than Kroil.

A friend of mine, who works at a facility where they have to cycle through certain supplies periodically, gave me a case of PBBlaster last year - 24 tall cans worth. I was happier than a pig in slop, as you can imagine.
It affords me the opportunity of using it like water and have been doing so. I have one can of Kroil left so have been hosing stuff down with PBBlaster and use Kroil more sparingly.
It cleans tools off very nicely. When you spray it on a vice or drill press platform, it protects against rust quite well.

On tough, rusty nuts and bolts, PBBlaster just doesn’t seem to do the same thing that Kroil does. It is good but not quite the same. About 6 months ago, I hosed a complete torsion bar with brake and steering parts to a Ghia with blaster and let it sit for a week before touching it. It had been sitting in a garage since the 70’s.
Stuff just would not budge. I then spritzed it with Kroil, let it sit for a week and it came apart very nicely. The brake calipers were totally frozen. After spritzing it with Kroil, letting it sit, I was able to blow the pistons out of their cavity with compressed air.

Of course, critics will say it was the blaster, having been able to sit for two weeks…
For those, give me another rusty Ghia front end and I’ll do the reverse, starting with Kroil, letting it sit and then doing the same thing with PBBlaster. :slight_smile:

So this debate raged for some time with a group of guys I used to hang with on a regular basis. Took the edge off the ford vs chevy arguments for a short time :wink:

My own first experience was with a frozen harmonic damper on an old BBC. Soaked it down for a couple days in advance w/Kroil and went through a succession of tools in my attempts to remove it. Never seen anything like it before or after. Suffice it to say, I had graduated to brute force and was using an impact gun on my puller in desperation.

Along comes one of my friends and he shows me this can of B’Laster PB that looks like it came from the back of a Popular Science in 1950. He sprays it once and says, let’s have a beer. Five minutes later, I go to pick up the impact gun and he says, wait, try using a hand ratchet. Yeah, right! Can you believe it, it came off like butter. The entire snout was soaking wet, the B’Laster PB had penetrated so well.

Fast forward to the great debate. We’re all standing around in the host’s garage for that week, tossing back a few cold ones and this topic comes up. Naturally, there are people on either side of the fence. So a test is suggested to put an end to the debate. Several old suspension parts are laying in a pile with equally rusted bolts and nuts. The nuts are run up the bolts and two guys are each armed with their favorite penetrating oil. SQUIRT! Wait two minutes and unscrew the nuts. The B’Laster PB was soaked the entire length of the nut. The Kroil was much less advanced, perhaps 1/4 of the distance. Enough to be definitive. Several more experiments resulted in similar results. Guys even pulling out torque wrenches to measure how easy they turn afterward. You get the picture.

As typical, most of the Kroil fans were busy picking on the test methods and result interpretations, even calling in to question the opposing side’s ancestry and intelligence :wink:

You can try something similar and see how your test goes. It sure was entertaining for me and my friends…

LOL @ “calling in to question the opposing side’s ancestry and intelligence”.

I wouldn’t go as far as questioning someone’s intelligence over using one over the other but have had good successes with it.

If you would stop working on junk, you would not need Kroil or blaster…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I like to think of them as Vintage Wrecks.

Without them, I would only need a set of wrenches, a dull screw driver and that weak sauce* PB blaster.
What fun would that be?

*consider the soup stirred and ready to be served.