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Pb blaster

how good is pb blaster for a rusted bolt on a car?

I’ve used it. It is similar to WD-40, about the same results. There’s no good way to compare the two. Any claims that one or the other is significantly better must be treated with a grain of salt.

Well, WD40 smells better anyway. I’ve had better luck with PB blaster at getting seized parts off, but we’re not talking a wide margin here. It certainly won’t be a magic elixer. If it’s really stuck on there, you’ll probably still have to break out the torch.

I use PB. Sure beats Liquid Wrench. There is another one that is supposed to be better but can’t recall the name. It helps to let it sit for a while and reapply. But WD-40? That’s a water dispersent and maybe a light lubricant but never used it to free rust.

I use PB Blaster all the time. It works well & is well worth the $$.

The other one Bing might have been searching his memory for may be SeaFoam’s “deep creep.” I’ve never used it but have heard only good things.

I don’t use penetrating oils very often, but when I do it’s usually PB. If I run across a rusted or frozen bolt or nut, I usually instinctively reach for a torch. If you don’t have the luxury of oxy-acetylene (I don’t), MAPP works best as far as affordable solutions go. It costs about three times as much as propane, but is worth it because it burns much hotter and therefore works much faster.

PB Blast is by far better than WD40. It’s better as a rust busting solvent and as a lubricant WD40 will gum up and make things sticky.

WD40 is NOT really good as a penetrating oil…In fact it’s NOT really designed for that. PB Blaster is a very very good penetrating oil. I find it as good as any penetrating oil I’ve ever used.

BLASTER works as good as anything, and is certainly better than WD-40…On seriously rusted fasteners, an acetylene torch works best…PB Corrosion Stop, a diluted spray-grease works good for long term protection, but it’s messy…Boeshield T-9 is the best for that purpose…

mix up a 50:50 elixir of acetone and ATF (automatic transmission fluid).

There is not a better nut buster out there as far as chemicals are concerned.

PB Blaster is far superior to WD-40.

I’ll cast my vote for PB as a better rust penetrator.

Caddyman…On seriously rusted fasteners, an acetylene torch works best…

I have used this blue tipped wrench hundreds of times and it works great.

it is a very good product thank you

For the DIY’er with just a propane torch, Seafoam DEEP CREEP works best. The reason?

DEEP CREEP has a higher flash point than most other penetrating lubricants. So when heat applied to the rusted fastener with the DEEP CREEP, it has a chance to penetrate before it starts to smoke and burn off.