Rust spots on hood of Toyota Corolla 2001

What would you do to repair yourself? Is is because I have not waxed the car on a regular basis? There are about 20 small spots on hood, would a small bottle of same color paint suffice at this point?

Look closely at the rust spots. Are there little chips in the paint? Small pebbles are constantly thrown up in the air by traffic (any motorcylist can attest to the debris being lofted into the air by another vehicle) and you run into those particles. They tend to cause chips on the leading edges of your car. I drive on the expressway a lot and all my cars have this type of road rash.

There are paints that can be applied directly over rust but they are not usually a finish color coat. A “typical repair” would require neutralizing the rust or mechanically removing it prior to repairing the color and clear coat layers. The level of “fix” depends on your situation. If it were mine, I’d probably use a cotton swab to dab a small amount of naval jelly on the spot to remove the rust, rinse completely and then apply touch up paint when completely dried.