Rust spots

I have several rust spots (pea size)on the hood of my car. What’s the best method for repairing these spots so they don’t spread?

You can first of all remove the rust. Use a fourty to sixty sandpaper to strip the rust off of the body and reveal all clean steel. Once done, you should apply a layer of fiberglass resin (hardened) to provide a waterproof sandable seal that is almost as strong as steel.

There Are Two Kinds Of Rust Spots.

Since you don’t give the model-year of the vehicle (its age) or the number of miles on it, all I can do is guess that you have “surface rust” from stone chips. The other type of rust would be coming through the steel from underneath and a hood seam (doubled metal) could be likey location on an older car.

Unfortunately, the time to take car of rust is before it happens. Owners should be diligent about touching up stone chips (with a perfect match, by paint code, touch-up paint) frequently, like right after washing and thoroughly drying their cars.

Now that you’ve got rust spots almost anything you do will look almost as bad as the rust and the rust will no doubt come back. However, a professional painter / body man / woman can best assess the situation for you. Most will take a look for free and give you advice. I’d ask at a couple of shops.

For a few hundred bucks they can professionally remove the rust and refinish the hood panel. That’s your best solution at this point, having let the rust get a foot-hold.

What is the model-year and mileage, and over-all condition of the body of this Saturn ? That will make a difference in seeking the best advice.