TSX needs paint touch ups - will it lead to rust?


Found a 2007 TSX that just arrived onto the dealer lot from a trade-in. It hasn’t even been “detailed” yet and has some minor paint chips in the hood, which Acura is going to touch up. My question is: how can I be sure these chips won’t rust in a few years? Is there a pre-touch up process I can ask for or should I forget this vehicle and be happy I saw them before they had a chance to brush over them? Did I mention I have been car shopping for a very long time and I really like this particular TSX as it is a unique color combo with low mileage, loaded and at a bargain price? I keep my cars - my current car is 10 years old. Any words of wisdom on the paint/rust issue?


you can always tell them to skip the touchup, and do it yourself with the proper sanding, priming, and painting.

I don’t know the details, but I suspect you sand the area till there is no rust, then apply primer, then final coat(s).


Don’t worry. Chips over 10 years may only rear there ugly heads slightly at the end of ownership period as slight spots if they use salt in your area.


Thank you. That helps. Looks like I might own a TSX. :slight_smile:


I’d be surprised if your current car doesn’t have some chips in the hood itself. It happens to all cars and they will make little rust spots, but properly treated, the rust should not take over the car.

Todays cars use a more corrosion resistant steel that cars used to use. If the chips are properly treated before painting, they should not rust for many years. If they do rust after say 5 or 10 years, you just treat them and repaint again. The car could last hundreds of years this way.

There are two ways to treating these chips. One is to sand down, prime with Zinc Chromate and then paint and clearcoat. Or you can do a chemical conversion with phosphoric acid (Navel Jelly), paint and clearcoat. I prefer the latter.

If you look closely at the chips and you see a greyish metal color as opposed to bright shinny metal or red rust, do not sand it down. This is the factory chemical conversion and it is protecting the metal from rust. For this, just paint over the surface and clearcoat. A good paintman should be able to recognize this coating and advise you.