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Rust in exhaust manifold

Hi there,

I am wondering if rust in the exhaust manifold is something to be worried about. Can this be treated? With something like a high temperature rust converter or maybe B’laster’s corrosion stop for example.

Thanks in advance

How do you know you have rust in the exhaust manifold?
What’s the year, make, model, and mileage of the car?

I dont have the picture but it kinda look like this

Its a 2004 Mazda 3 and has around 120k miles.

Oh, rust on the outside. If it looks like this, that’s normal.

Agree. totally normal. It might well have looked like that on the dealership lot.

But what’s the story on that blue wire? It looks awfully close to the exhaust manifold to me, and it doesn’t look like factory wiring.

Normal, Cast iron will rust in a heartbeat; especially after heat has been applied.

I agree that harness with the blue shield is dangling awfully close to the manifold.

Oh no… this is just an image I grabbed from google images, but the manifold on the Mazda 3 looks exactly like this. If this normal then great =) Thanks a lot for the replies.

Exactly how it should look. Sleep peacefully drive happy and move on.

Absolutely normal.
There are, however, high temperature automotive paints in rattlecans just made for exhausts. You could if you like try masking everything else off and painting it. You can get the paint at any parts store.

Now when you see a hole, and it is due to the bolt rusted out ~ that is bad, like in my 93 ford f250, looking ok so far for you.

Both of my vehicle’s exhaust manifolds look like that. 40+ and 20+ years, no problems so far.

Is this possibly your first car?