Is this rust really bad?

If you can poke a screwdriver through that… and I think you can, yeah it is pretty bad.


Looks typical for a 15 year old vehicle in the rust belt. I wouldn’t accept this on a 5 year old vehicle.

I haven’t looked at the Vehicle in person yet here’s the description.

06 grand Cherokee laredo 92,000 3.7 v8 $4000

Don’t you think that would be the first thing to do ? The pictures can either show the rust worse then it is or not as bad as it looks.

If you’re questioning the amount of rust, I’d not purchase it if I were you. There are plenty of used vehicles out there in better shape.

That would be considered light rust in my part of the rust belt for a vehicle driven in the winter since 2006. 2006 cars driven in the winter here are mostly being scrapped now.

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