Explorer acceleration issue

2009 Ford Explorer - 6cyl -4L - 36K miles. This morning driving it, I came to a stop sign and as I was braking, the idle starting going up (and up and up) to the point where I had to shut off the engine. When I restarted it, everything was fine and of course, I can’t reproduce this. I have the shop manual and couldn’t find an IAC valve on this vehicle which I’m assuming it doesn’t have. I’m sure I didn’t accidently hit the gas (as opposed to the brake which I know I was presings down on when it was happenning). Years ago I had a different Ford which had the exact same sympton and replacing the IAC solve the problem. Any ideas ??

RockAuto lists an IAC valve for your vehicle. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=382741&cc=1443419


Thanks Tester. I’m going to see if this happens again and then take a look for this part. Assuming I can find it, I’ll see how it looks - I’ve read that these can be cleaned (carefully). Thanks.

@ebko87 technically, you’re not supposed to clean IAC valves.

But realistically, it sometimes works.