Running Lights

I had a guy tell me that there is a way to drive without those running lights on, Does anyone know the trick to that. Its a chevy Silverado 1500 1998 5.7 engine

In most states, the lights are by law, to remain the way they were when the car was manufactured. Unless of course you really really need a fix it ticket.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to make your vehicle less safe?

does this have something to do with your girlfriends dads shotgun on a dark and moonless night?

Read the manual, if it is an option it should be in there.

Is there a button to disable the interior lights? It’s located underneath the headlight switch on my 2000 Blazer. To disable the DRL (daytime running lights) push the button 4x, there should be a chime to indicated the DRL is turned off. This has to be done each time the engine is started.

Ed B.

Right, push the dome override switch four times and chime.