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Disable or bypass day time running lights on chevy prizm

Does any know how to disable and or bypass the daytime running lights on 98 chevy prizm

See the discussion here:

Like some of the drivers on the forum that Steve gave us, I too have to drive at night due to my work schedule. I regularly see cars with DRLs on whose divers I’m sure are unaware that they’re the only thing lit. Street lights can easily leave you thinking your dashlights, taillights and sidelights are on when they’re not. I’ve long been an advocate of simply requireing that whenever the key is in the “on” position ALL running lights including headlights must be on. These DRLs are only a partial step, and one prone to misleading drvers as to the state of their lights.

Having said that, if you disconnect them you must be sure that your lights are on not only in the dark but also at dawn and dusk (the most dangerous times) and in poor weather. Personally, my car does not have DRLs, but the first thing I do after starting the engine and clicking the seatbelt is turn my lights on, including headlights…no matter what the time of day or weather. It’s a part of my takeoff routine. There’s no telling how many accidents that’s saved me from over the last 40 years.

The safest accident is the one that never happens. A new set of bulbs every few years is a cheap price to pay for accident prevention.

My Chev. pk up has “automatic lights on” when the dash board sensor senses some low light level.

My DRL’s are those small parking light size lights that are all ways on when you start the engine. I pulled the fuse to eliminate them turning on.