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Rumble noise when turning

when I pull out after stopping and make a turn I hear and feel a small rumble noise. I cannot tell if it is the front or back or both. I have a front right lower ball joint replaced but the noise has not gone away. the noise only lasts while I am turning. Differential? I checked the fluids and they are topped off, but I did not change the fluid. 1999 ford explorer. had new trainy at 67k. Currently 137k.

The noise might be from a worn wheel bearing.

Try raising each tire off the ground and rotate the tire slowly and try rocking the top and bottom of each tire in and out to check for slop.


I changed the right front bearing/hub assembly a few months ago because of a noise that ended up being the tires. So it could be the left side, but the feeling does feel like it is coming from the back.

Have you checked the differential fluid level and condition?


It could STILL be the tires if they have open blocks in the tread along the edges…When you turn, those tread blocks are “rolled under” and can make a lot of noise.

Temporarily, inflate the tires to 45-50 PSI and see what difference that makes…

I changed the rear differential fluid (138k), new gasket and synth gear oil (ouch$$). Sound is pretty much gone! Now I need to do the front fluid.

And change the transfer case fluid too.


There’s a possibility this vehicle is stuck in 4WD.

Find a mud hole at the edge of a parking lot and back into the mud leaving your front wheels on the pavement.

Goose the throttle. If you spin in the mud, you are not in 4WD. If you launch forward, you are indeed stuck in 4WD. Possible transfer case/selector problem.