Rubbing squeaking noise VW Jetta 2011

I’ve been getting a squeaking rubbing sound when I break on the back passenger side. It comes for a while, then goes. Breaks checked, replaced. No one can find the problem.

Do you have rear drum brakes? If so, sometimes the inside of the drum will rust and that will cause a scraping noise which goes away after braking a few times. Does your noise seem to go away like that? Ask your shop to verify the rubber plug usually installed on drum brake’s backing plate which helps minimize road water intrusion is installed & intact.

Dust and rust collect. Drums have been cleaned. Noise persists even after breaking. May go on for days and then stops. Will check with shop regarding the plug with backing plate. Thank you, George.

fyi, if brake dust or rust is the cause of drum-brake noises, usually the drums have to be removed and the inside of the drum and the surface of the shoes cleaned. Cleaning the outside of the drum won’t likely help.

Grease the shoes to backing plate contact points with copper anti-seize.A lot of shops forget that after using brake cleaners resulting in a squeek every time you press the brake pedal.Its not dangerous but annoying.

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Hey Corrolaguy1,
Thank you for your response.
I have found that this noise comes and goes. I may have it for an entire day or two. Then I hear nothing. Then it returns.
I will definitely share this info when I take the car back to the shop.
Thanks, again!

Thanks, George!