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Rubbing sound on my NEW car!

2009 Nissan Altima Couple - makes a rubbing sound when turning hard right (not left), and it only makes this noise soon after the car has started (for the first few minutes, the first few, typically slow, turns. THen I don’t hear it any more.

I took it to the dealership - of course, it made no noise. So, of course, there was simply NO way they could diagnose the problem without hearing the noise (insert sarcasm here).

I plan to take it back for repair but need some more education first, perhaps so I can suggest to them where to begin looking. I know nothing about cars, but my first suggestion would be to actually look under the car, on the right hand side. Is this a good start? (note, more sarcasm)

Otherwise, I simply LOVE my new car, and its performance. Love it! (no sarcasm here, am telling the truth.)

A major candidate for this problem would be the Clock Spring in the hub of the steering wheel.
It is also possible that plastic bushings in the steering column are the problem.