Rubbing noise from the tires

I own a 2006 Toyota Matrix,and took it in to the dealer for a rubbing noise. They rotated the tires and said the noise would continue but be diminished. What is causing this noise? Alignment issues?

Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have asked this question of the people who actually examined your car?

Since we cannot see the car, we can only speculate.
In order to help us come up with an answer, you need to respond to some questions of ours:

Do you hear the noise only when turning sharply?
Do you hear the noise as you drive down a straight street or road?
Are the tires rubbing against the car’s fenders?
Are these tires the exact same size as the original tires?
Are the tires mounted on aftermarket alloy wheels?
Have you modified the suspension in any way, such as lowering it?
How many odometer miles have these tires been driven?
What is the make, model, and size of the tires?