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New strut assemblies, squeaking when turning

So I bought and installed this… Everything seemed to go just fine, but now when I turn the wheel I get a rubber on metal type squeak out of both fronts, the right worse than the left. Is there a secret trick I didn’t know about? Did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance, Ron

This is for a Ford Windstar? What year? Which wheels, all four or just 2 front or 2 rear? Has anyone put it on a lift and taken a look-see for what’s interfering?

Sorry I left that out. It’s a 1998 Windstar, FWD front struts, rear shocks.15 inch stock, steel wheels. This used to be a US Postal service cargo van.

Take a look at this.

Sounds like lousy parts. I think what you did wrong was buy cheap parts off the internet.

I just looked at my wholesale cost for quality Monroe complete front struts and new rear shocks. The front strut assemblies are $155 each my cost. Rear shocks are $27 each. $364 for quality name brand parts, you bought some unknown no-name parts for less than half that amount. I think the cure will be to replace them with a name people know and trust.

I’ve actually installed 4 or 5 sets of that brand which were purchased off of eBay and there have been no problems with them. That’s NOT to say problem-free applies to them all.

Just for hoots, you might try spraying the rubber pads on the coil springs with a lubricant such as WD-40 to see if the problem subsides or goes away. At this point it’s worth a cheap shot of something.

If you tightened up everything with the wheels dangling, you may have too much twist in the bushings now. Loosen, take a drive around the block to settle everything, then tighten to spec.

If you replaced the struts and now have a squeaking sound when turning the steering wheel, it sounds like a problem with the upper strut bearings.


thank you, kind people. I will try tour suggestions. I did tighten it all down with the van up on jack stands, so that very well might be the fix. It does sound like the top bearing/ mount is where the noise comes from.

Open the hood.

Start the engine.

Place your hand on the upper strut mount.

Have someone turn the steering wheel back and forth.

If you feel a vibration along with the noise that’s a bad upper strut bearing.


I loosened the three top mount nuts, and drove down the street and back, making some lock to lock turns. Re tightened them and I have no more noise! Thank you! Now for an alignment to make sure it’s all squared up and I’m good. Thanks again for the help.

Great that it worked out for you and thanks for posting the results. Nothing worse than having to completely redo a job you just did

I had this same issue and tried Shanonia’s suggestion. No more squeaking! Thank you for your expertise, Shanonia!

same issue here, i will try shanonias idea, and let u know

I replaced my front struts and had a creaking sound from the passenger side.I tried loosening top nuts and driving lock to lock.This did not work.So I tried a few more things and nothing seemed to get rid of this noise.While waiting in parking lot to pick up my wife I said what the heck and sprayed some wd 40 from the passenger side wheel well up into the top of strut where coil meets rubber pad and guess what? Noise was gone completely 100%.

Thank you!! I made the mistake of tightening the top bolts before setting the car down and had creaking too. I tried your suggestion and now it’s gone. Thanks, I thought I was going to have to take it all apart again.

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