Rubbing Noise coming from tires on 2006 Sienna AWD

I have a rubbing noise coming from tires on 2006 Sienna AWD which is especially appearent when turning right. I have been told this is not mechanical (by the dealer service department) and that spraying a silicone spray around the tire bead may reduce the rubbing noise. Does anyone know about this?

If the tires beads were rubbing on the wheels the tires wouldn’t hold air. So that explaination is BOGUS. More than likely one or more of the tires have a belt seperation inside the tire which can cause a rubbing noise. And replacing the tires is the only fix.


Could the higher lip on the rim (to accomodate the run flat tire) cause the noise when making turns at low speeds? I only hear the rubbing when turning at low speeds (less than 5 mph). I have only 40,000 miles on the vehicle and have already replaced six of these run flats. Is there anyway I can confirm if it is belt separation? Thanks.

If you have had to replace 6 of these “run-flats” already I would seriously consider them the problem and go back to “normal” tires. Just my opinion.

I have a 2006 Sienna AWD. The tires are making a rubbing noise also Toyota said the RFT,s need tod be rotated every 4000miles. I was told by two tire shops on Eastern Long Island that it was against the law to change to regular tires.

Sorry, Tester, but there are cases where the alloy wheels are too soft and the tire rubs on the flange to the point where the aluminun abraids off. The noise sounds like a squeak or a grinding.

The only fix is to replace the wheels. But be aware that if the wheels are replaced by wheels form the same source, the problem will come back.