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Rubber spacers for springs

can I put rubber spacers in my springs to raise the car up about 2 inches without damaging my car?

I wouldn’t, car’s alignment is set for normal ride height.

No. In additional to what Texases said, you’ll stiffen up the suspension to the point where there will hardly be any suspension at all - like riding a roller skate on the highway.

So if you value your fillings (and your kidneys!), don’t do it.

No. If you need more clearance, trade your Impreza for a vehicle with more clearance.

I don`t have much knowledge about cars so How come you can lower car without effecting the alignment

You can’t, either raising or lowering affects alignment.

“How come you can lower car without effecting (sic) the alignment”

Where did you get that bit of misinformation?
Whenever you fiddle with the original ride height of a car with independent suspension, you are potentially screwing up the camber quite badly.

The car may actually feel more secure and “planted” on the road with more negative camber, but the tires will wear very badly on the inner half of the tread (the half that is closer to the center of the car).

Lowering a car will definitely AFFECT the alignment, as will raising the car.

Don’t do it. When you do that you are turning the spring into a solid. Think of it as a block of wood in place of the rubber. You are stopping the spring from doing it’s job. Or, think of it as welding a bar to a couple of coils.

One other point to add to the excellent points that others have made. Effectively removing the use of some of the coils by blocking them means that the remaining coils now have to each absorb more stress every time you bang a pothole. The no longer have their breatheren to share the load. That can lead to a busted coil.