How long to wait to get alignment after lowering car

I found a great bargain on a set of lowering springs and new struts on Facebook and have a neighbor that can help me install them. They would lower the car 1.4 inches front and rear.

My question is how long should you wait to get an alignment after installing them?

I’ve heard you should do it immediately because it will rapidly wear your tires but I’ve also heard some people say to wait 1-2 weeks because you need to let the springs settle in because if you align it right away before the springs settle then it will be out of alignment again in 2 weeks.

What is the correct way to do this

Is this the same vehicle you have been asking about engine noise ? If it is why would you spend money on something that might need expensive repair .

@Mustangman This is is your area of expertise.

I fixed the noise and i got the springs with struts for $200 (originally a $650 kit from americanmuscle) was going to replace the struts soon anyway

Within 200 miles, however long that takes should be enough time. Good quality springs, however, don’t settle. Excess tire wear should be minimal in that time.


I got a 4 wheel alignment done at the same time I had my lowering springs and beefier sway bars installed on my Mustang. Tire wear has been exceptional ever since.

I wouldn’t wait.

You never had to do a second alignment since then? I think the rationale behind waiting a week or two for alignment is because the springs might settle/drop over more over the course of 1-2 weeks so doing an alignment right away could be a waste if you’d have to do it again anyway

Never did a 2nd alignment. No need to.

As @Mustangman said, quality springs don’t sag. Do all new car owners have to take their cars in for an alignment shortly after buying? Nope.


You could do the experiment. An immediate alignment, followed by another in 6 months. No harm done except to your check book balance, and you’ll have data you can post here whether it was needed. I don’t think the springs will change, but their mounting points may shift slightly. If I had the problem, with the price of tires these days, I’d do the first alignment immediately, then at least check it within 6 months or 3,000 miles, whichever is sooner. I’d be watching for unusual tire wear patterns myself, in the meantime. All this work just to lower the car an inch or so is why I’m happy w/the ride height as my vehicles came from the factory.

@George_San_Jose1, you are certainly free with other people’s money. :blush:

If it doesn’t cost anything to get the 6 month check, fine, but I imagine it costs enough that the OP might think twice about retesting just because.

You should wait only for the length of time it takes to drive to an alignment shop. That short drive will settle the springs as much as they are going to settle (well 99% anyway), even if the shop is just around the corner.