Lowering 1999 maxima

I’m lowering my 99 maxima 1" - 1.5". Should I install an anti roll kit along with it? Plus I show the option to buy “alignment bolts” for lowered cars? I think it was (2) per axle, to help with camber??? What should I know in lowering the car to keep the wheels level? Any suggestions would be appreciated…


I know it will look cool, but there is nothing to be gained and much to loose. It will be worth less. Put your money into your car elsewhere. Just my humble opinion.

The simplest way to lower a car 1" or 1.5" is to let the air out of the tires.

You need to talk to “tuners” who have experience doing what you intend to do. Since you are asking about “alignment” bolts it seems you really don’t know what you are getting into.

When you lower a car you change all aspects of the suspension; which means you need to know a lot more than you know now.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dag and Uncle T, however if your ARE going to lower it, do so with a complete “kit”. It should include the shorter springs (typically with stiffer rates) as welll as the eccentric camber bolts as a minimum. And yes, it needs to be realigned. I recommend that you DO NOT try to lower the car by simply hacking off a coil. If you do, you’ll probably change the stress distribution of the springs and create a “stress riser”, and you’ll almost certainly begin to bottom out…or at least change your likelihood of doing so.

An upgraded sway bar is not necessary, but if you plan to get the most from the spring upgrade it’s a definite asset. As a matter of fact, if your goal is to upgrade the handling you’d be far better off to simply leave the original springs and upgrade the sway bar(s). It’ll reduce understeer, reduce body roll, improve turn-in, reduce wind sensitivity, and all while not affecting your ride. And you won;t need to realign iit (unless it needs it anyway).

@Dickie just in case you don’t know what might happen . . .

Harsher ride (you’ll feel more of the bumps and they’ll be harsher)

Wheel bearings might wear out faster

You might bottom out on the bumper and the lower radiator core support

If you also install fat rims and super low profile tires, you might easily bend and crack rims going over potholes and dips.

I’ve seen all of these scenarios. It’s possible that none of this will happen to you.

I wish you the best.