Rubber door molding separated at front corner of both doors, S-10 pickup

The door molding has come loose at the front corners of both my doors on my 2002 S-10 pickup. I tried weldwood contact cement (the kind you use on laminating formica counter tops), but it only lasted a couple of days. I put a spot of super glue on it to see if that might work. It looks promising but that little spot that I tried was not enough surface area to hold it for more than a day. I don’t want to ruin the trim by super glueing the whole thing if it won’t work. Does anyone know how to do this? The trim seems fine otherwise. It is not cracking or anything like that. I think super glue would hold it if I glued the entire length of about a foot or so. Also the driver side door seems to be a bit out of line an eighth of inch or so at the front corner. It does not appear to be adjustable. It has never been in an accident. It does not seem to be leaking into the cab yet with the door closed. Comments would be appreciated.


If you can clean off all the previously applied adhesives, 3M weatherstrip adhesive will usually take care of such problems. The Black type is much more forgiving. The Yellow 3M has been referred to as ‘Gorilla snot’ for many years and can be difficult to deal with.

Thanks for the reply. My daughter actually worked for a company that used this product for a similar situation. She totally agrees with this suggestion. I am surprised that I never have tried it before.