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Door fix

i have a 2000 chevy blazer and the driver’s side door has come almost completely off. there is still some plastic connected closest to the hinge but i cant superglue it back because the piece that was connected the whole way around is so thin. i think i need something almost like sticky caulk to fill the space and hold it together. needless to say though, i need a second opinion. what would you recommend?

Are you describing a piece of molding? Usualy best to start with new parts when dealing with moldings or door edge guards.

From your description it is not the door but the interior trim panel or a moulding. Please describe better or post a picture.

Is it the door panel coming loose or is the problem with the door hinges? The hinge pins and bushings on the front driver’s door were replaced in 2004 on my 2000 Blazer. If the hinges are not lubricated on a regular basis, the bushings wear out and the door starts to sag. The only plastic in the hinge area is the rubber sheath protecting the door wiring. The hinges are welded to the door and the body, so hinge replacement is going to be expensive.

If it’s the door panel that coming off, then the door panel retainers need to be replaced.

To remove the door panel use the following procedure.

Once the door panel is removed, replace any damaged door panel retainers and reinstall the door panel.

Ed B.