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Rubber assembly lubricants

Does anyone know of a good rubber assembly lubricant?

I have to insert rubber plugs into metal openings and need a lubricant that’s super slick. I’ve heard of P-80 RUBBER LUBRICANT, Jack’s Formula 327, and Black Jack Lube. Does anyone know how well they work? Or is there a glycerol lubricant that would do the trick? A simple can of silicon spray isn’t even close to being slick enough to do the job.

Any insight anyone?


There is RuGlyde for assembling tires on rims. It contains a special soap and ethylene glycol in mostly water. A good car parts store will stock it. I don’t know if it will work better than what you posted.

Can you use liquid laundry or dishwashing soap? You might want to immerse a few of your rubber parts in it at room temperature, at working temperature and also at an elevated temperature for several months to determine if the soap will degrade the rubber.

Just curious, but exactly what are you attempting to do? A proper fitting rubber plug should not require any special lubricant to ease the installation. If the substance was that slick then what’s to prevent the plug from greasing itself back out?
Using a plug too large for the opening, greased or not, can also present a problem by buckling and popping itself back out.

This is surely not a control arm bushing issue is it?

My suggestion is liquid dishwashing soap as it will dry out and become a bit sticky.

The assembly soap,that plumbing supply shops stock ,works fairly well its designed for rubber O-rings-Kevin