Round small mirror to enhance rear view of the blind spot

Do you think it will help me to enhance the rear view of the blind spot if I install it on the existing outside rear view mirror.
Ramanatha srinivasan

If you are referring to these small, round, convex mirrors, I find that they help eliminate blind spots.

Yes. My sister uses one on her Durango, driver’s side. The passenger side mirror is usually convex already, so the additional mirror on that side is redundant.


They help enormously

Ever driven a panel van?

I recommend them as well.

I’ve been using those little convex mirrors on both sides for many years.
An old girlfriend called the the “double bubble”.
I don’t think the passenger side is redundant.
I use it all the time to see how far I’m from the curb when parking.

I’ll disagree on this one. I thought they would be nice but there was one on a rental car a couple months ago. I found it very distracting to be looking at two different mirrors and views. So while it did increase certain views of the side, it pretty much made the regular mirror less than useful. I wouldn’t do it to my own car. But they’re cheap so give it a try if you want.

I’ve found that the little mirror may help with the blind spot but actually takes away from the rest of the view. Why not just move the mirror to see where the blind spot is now?

I think we can all agree that they help on large commercial vehicles (such as panel vans and dump trucks) with extremely limited peripheral vision

I like the rectangular ones much better!

The rectangular fish eyes are nice. But they’re generally too massive to be stick ons.

The one I mean is small

My 2002 Sienna has 195,000 miles on it, mostly on long highway trips. On the vehicle I had earlier, I installed the little round ones, I call them Dolly Partons. On long trips, there is a lot of lane changing. I would not ever again want a car without putting them on. At a glance, I know my lane is clear, period, no doubts. In all those miles, using them, never a close call on a lane change. They do take a training period, of course, not to use, but to develop confidence in them, but well worth it in the end.

I have found you can adjust the standard mirrors to eliminate “The Blind Spot”…Most people adjust their mirrors so they can see the side of their own car in the mirror. Why do you want to look at the side of your car? Adjust the mirror out and down a little and you will now be looking into your “blind spot”…Glance at the center, inside mirror then at the side mirror. If you see nothing in either mirror, there is nothing there…Check this yourself by driving in the right lane and watching cars pass you in the left lane. Correctly adjusted, at no time are the passing cars out of view. There is no 'blind spot"…But if that left mirror is adjusted so you can look down the left side of your car, there certainly IS a blind spot…

I seem to recall click and clack had a segment aired recently discussing this very topic and that adjusting the side view mirrors such that the side of the vehicle was visible wasn’t the most effective use of ones mirrors. As previously stated the mirrors should be pointed as to see all of the lane adjacent to the vehicle. It takes a little getting used to but is very good at eliminating any blind spots.