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After Market Blind spot mirros - recommendation

I see people sticking a small mirrors on both side of the mirrors on the doors.
They are small.

Is it effective?

2000 Honda

I have them on everything.
Granted , the smallness does not allow you to tell the brand or type of vehicle beside you
– BUT–
you can definitely tell that SOMETHING is there !

Therein lies the benefit
Clean well before gluing with an alcohol pad so they’ll stay put.

@sciconf are you talking about those round “fisheye” mirrors?

If you are, I can “sort of” recommend them. They don’t totally eliminate the blind spot, but they give you a better idea of what’s next to/behind you.
I drive a lot of big trucks and vans, and the fisheye mirrors do help, especially when changing lanes on the freeway in a panel van.
But remember, they really distort the image.
And don’t install a fisheye that is so big that it covers too much of the “real” mirror.

@sciconf I just realized that you have a 2000 Honda. That shouldn’t be so big that you really need them, right?
But if you do use them, remember that they’re only an aid. They don’t tell the whole story.

Then take the time to learn what you’re seeing in it.
Practice with another car over there, say in a parking lot, so you can get out and see where it really is and look again in the mirror to learn what you’re seeing.

I like mine so much they even help me parallel park ! I can see the lower right area and know the relation tween the curb and the tire.

Absolutly NOT. They are dangerous. The smaller they are, the more dangerous they are. It takes time to focus on small objects and that time is time your eyes are not on the road.

Instead use these procedures to adjust your present mirrors, it really works. It takes a day or two to get used to them, but once you do, you will never go back.

I find the rectangular ones work the best for me on the driver side, none for the passenger side. Also if you can see half your car in the side mirrors you might consider adjusting them out. See