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Rough shifting with 1997 Cherokee Larado

Well on my way to Watkins Glen Indy Car Race I had a scare. My 1997 Jeep Cherokee Larado, with 4 passengers all wieghing about 220 lb, started acting up. After driving from Rochester, NY to about 5 miles from the Glen my transmission would not shift from 2nd to 3rd at the correct RPM. It then started happening in 1st to 2nd gear. I had to give it more gas and it would finnaly shift at about 3100 RPM. The Jeep normally shifts at about 2100-2800 RPM.

On the way home the same problem occured, and to add to the problem when I slowed down braking the thing would down shift with a slight jerk(not neccesarily me). I checked the level of the transmission fluid. The level was very high the color was a nice shade of pink and it didn’t smell scorched or burned. Today I drove it a short distance and had no problems. My plan is to change the fluid and filter and fill the fluid to the correct level. HELP ANYONE.

1997 Jeep Larado transmission trouble