1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I have a 95 Jeep 6cyl with 185k+ miles. Auto Transmission won’t shift correctly. Stuck in 3rd gear. Fluid full and appears o.k. Linkage appears o.k. Is there an electronic control for this tranny I should look at?

Auto Transmission won’t shift correctly. Stuck in 3rd gear.

That is not all that clear to me. Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean it is always in 3rd gear? No neutral or reverse?

How about some history. Has the fluid ever been changed? When?

What happens when you pull the gear selector down to L1 or L2?? Will it drop to 1st??


Yes goes into neutral and reverse but does not shift correctly … It will get stuck in either 2nd or 3rd gear. The only way to get it to shirt out of the gear it is stuck in is disconnect battery and reconnect. that will work for a limited time.

hey guys ,

im having the same problem. i have a 95 jeep grand cherokee 4.0L 6cyl with approx. 190,000 miles. i had the transmission rebuilt almost 2 years ago and it was working fine up till two months ago when it started to rev high in third gear, wouldn’t shift to OD . At times i have no problems but now its doing it all the time. on the highway when i reach 60 mph it stays in third at 3000 rpm’s and doesnt shift or it will shift down when i release the accelerator but then jump back to third and rev high. any ideas would be much appreciated. if there are any questions or further explanation required feel free to ask