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Civics 101

I recently purchased a used 2002 Honda Civic with 112K miles for my daughter to drive while at college. I have just now started hearing a “drumming rattle” on the front passenger side when driving over a rough spot in the road. I replaced some of the missing plastic fender buttons, but the rattle is still there. I have an idea what it might be, but would relish everyone’s opinions.


Maybe have the struts inspected. They were junky in the early years of your vintage Civic and replacement is pretty common.

Also make sure to ask if timing belt was changed already. If not it will turn instantly into a breakdown and $1000-$3000 of engine damage not if but when it snaps.

The struts were what I thought the problem actually was. I have replaced them on other cars before so that should be a shadetree project.

I have the Chilton’s manual for the car and looked over the process for changing the timimg belt. Certainly a bigger project, but still doable. Thanks for your reply.