Rotting Wire Harness in 83 Volvo 240

I have an 1983 Volvo DL (240). The engine wire harness is rotting. I understand these harnesses haven’t been manufactured for some time. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket for these, and, if not, is there anything else I can use as a replacement? I know I can look in a junkyard but I’ll need one that’s the same vintage so I’ll have a hard time finding one that’s not rotting as well.

Thanks a lot.

IPD in Portland sells some individual wires if only a few are bad. You might check with the Brickboard discussion group to see if anyone has a good solution for more than that.

Twenty-Seven years…Time to move on…Nothing lasts forever, nor was it meant to…

That’s not a bad thought. I got rid of my 83 Volvo about ten years ago, replacing it with a used 94 Camry. That car has gone an equal number of miles as the Volvo with about 1/10 of the repair costs. It has been a eye opener for me.

just did a search on Google. came across several places that have wiring harnesses.
My neighbors, too, have a 1983 w/ the bad harness. The car just sits there rusting away,
as it won’t start. The harnesses are expensive, 200$ plus.
hope that helps.

Thanks for all your responses. I appreciate it. I’m not yet ready to give up on the car, even though my kids beg me never to make them ride in it anymore. It only has 126,000 miles on it and runs like a dream.

What is the Brickboard discussion group?

Thank you all again.

I hope you don’t regret what you said later on. This kind of trouble isn’t good. Even 400 dollars to fix that kind of trouble would be cheap.

What is brickboard you ask?

Landsvw, which ones are those? When I checked a few out they said ‘not available’ for this particular car.

is yours a turbo or non turbo?

and, can it be carefully unplugged and taken off the engine to be possibly replicated?

I’m still looking; you’re right, it’s hard to find!

I’ll check back and add if I find what you’re looking for…

there’s an option that might work. btw, seems like any competent electrician could replicate this harness for a couple hundred dollars or less

here’s another link…

Good post; those that have always driven European imports are unaware as to how far Japanese cars have come.

We have a 16 year old Nissan, and the actual repairs have been few, and the total repair cost over these years has only amounted to $3411, excluding brakes (normal wear item) or $213 per year.

This somewhat reminds me of the woman who uttered the immortal phrase: “I did not know my husband drank until he came home sober”!

ok, i wrote an email to the popularmechanix volvo site and he came back with a phone number for a new harness, and a link to a used harness. am I allowed to put those on here?
if not, can I PM you with the info?



ok, well, i’ll be gone for a few days, so here is the info; hope phone numbers of businesses are ‘legal’ on site…


Thanks for writing, I?m always a little flattered when a total stranger from another part of the country writes to me…

Yes, the wiring harness for the 1983 and 1984 240 non-turbo is getting hard to source.

For a new one, you might call Rusty, at RPR Co. 510-524-7200

For a used one you might try

and scroll down to part # 3515397, appears to be a used one listed for sale at the moment,

Good luck