Problem with volvo electrical system

All of the red warning lights lit up on a 1987 240 DL VOLVO. An alternator rebuilder tested the alternator and found it operated perfectly independently of the car. The alternator specialist said that the insulation for the harness has deteriorated and the harness needs to be replaced. Has anyone had a problem like this? Whenever the engine is running all of the warning lights go on. Does the harness need to be replaced in its entirety, or can the actual short-circuitng wires be found and replaced? Bob

Given sufficient money, the problem can be found and corrected.

How much are you willing to spend on a 22-year-old car?

Older Volvos are notorious for their decomposing wire harnesses. You might get more specific advice about the possibilities of avoidng a complete replacement by checking with The folks there will have more detailed knowledge. I had the entire harness replaced on my '83 245 and it barely covered the cost of what I sold the car for 5 months later, and that was 10 years ago. It may be time to move on.