Need underhood wire harness for 2013 Ford Transit Connect

cant get underhood wire harness

oem dt1z14290b

Ken, without more information about what you have done to locate a harness, I would recommend that you try salvage yards to see if you could obtain a “pre-owned” wiring harness.

Agree with common sense answer: find a salvage yard.
The part new lists for $2100 and currently back ordered.

Are you sure you need the ENTIRE harness?

Exactly what is the nature of the problem?

Electrical fire destroyed the harness?

Because if you only need a few pigtails, those are available . . . from Ford, no less

If that will work, let me know, and I’ll post a link


Ken… Car Talk calling Ken… are you there, Ken? It’s your turn!

Another Drive-Bye Poster?
CSA :sunglasses:

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Probably for the best, since that “van” isn’t even worth the labor to install it.

How do you figure?

The vehicle is only 5 years old

Was meant sarcastically. sorry.

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